UNLOCK 4.0: A New Normal Situation

Unlock 4.0

Amidst lockdown people of India tried many things to be healthy and productive. They have rearranged their mind to cope with the pandemic situation. Nevertheless, the cases are increasing rapidly. So, people were frightened to face long term lockdown all over the country. But on 29th August, a new set of fresh guidelines issued as “Unlock 4.0” from the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA)  which is going to bring us a pretty normal situation. Many more activities are going to be reopened outside the containment zones. Let’s see according to Unlock 4.0 Guidelines what is allowed for us and what is not.



Metro services will operate in a phased manner from September 7, 2020. No token will be provided. People must have metro cards to travel. Metro cars will stop only in allowed stations, not in every station like before.


KhichidiEducational institutions will continue to remain shut for students till September 30. But students from classes 9 to 12 can visit their schools for guidance with their parents or guardians written consent copy from 21st September. This will be subject to the schools outside of the containment zones. Whereas research scholars (Ph.D.) and post-graduate students can does their lab work with the permission of the Department of Higher Education (DHE).

Cinema halls, entertainment parks, theatres, swimming pools, and other such places will continue to remain shut. Only open-air theatres are permitted to open from September 21. With adequate standard operating procedures resorts, clubs and hotels, etc can function. Inter-state and intra-state movement of persons and goods will not face any restriction.

Moreover,  international air travel will be restricted like before. In all types of congregations, 100 persons will be permitted from September 21 with strict measures. Senior citizens of the country who are over  65 years of age, pregnant women, and young children below the age of 10 have been advised to stay at home. Until September 30 lockdown will be strictly implemented in containment zones. And without the center’s nod, the state govt can not impose any local lockdown. According to this phase of unlocking, people have to maintain social distancing and face-covering in public places. If people do spitting in public places they will be punished with a fine.

If all of us follow all the steps of the latest unlock guidelines, we will easily adapt to our new normal life. This is going to reduce the cases as well as the mortality rate of COVID 19.

HONDA HORNET 2.0 – Ride with Roar

Honda Hornet 2.0
Honda Hornet 2.0
Honda Hornet 2.0

As bikes provide us adventure, exercise, transportation, and meditation all at once we feel our real us, our freedom at the time of riding bikes. In India, there are lots of bikes to choose from. One can feel proud whenever Honda has been made their choice at the top of the list. For, whatever reason, riding bikes can make sure that it best fit for the rider. To ensure the type of bike, Honda has recently launched Hornet 2.0 into its vast variety of bikes range, which can be a level up for the rider’s life.

There is a vast variety of features and specifications inducted into this bike’s new version, which can make the buyers more attractive.

Honda Hornet 2.0 is the upgraded version of the Hornet 160R. The price is approximately 1.26 Lakhs Ex-showroom Delhi. Honda Hornet 2.0 provides a fuel-injected 184.4 cc engine which can give a fantastic performance. All-new engines work to reduce friction. This version has better thermal stability for its piston cooling jet. The aggressively designed tank of this giant is BS6 compliant which is not only fuel-efficient but also environment friendly.

If you go for underpinnings and dimensions, you will get a diamond type frame with a golden USD front fork. The rear suspension has awesome preload adjustability. The rear brake is 220 mm petal disc whereas kerb weight is 142 kg. The wheelbase is 1355 mm. Ground clearance is 167 mm. The front tire is 110/70 – 17. Instead of being radial units, the tires are tubeless. For the first time, one can get an impressive bike that has been manufactured in India under ‘ Make in India ‘ policy.

The real commendable thing about this version is it weighs a kilo more than its predecessor. The lengthier wheelbase makes it more stable on the straight. This two-wheeler gets an all-LED lighting system while the earlier edition one had only the headlamp and the tail lamp in LED. The console of the latest one shows both the gear position and packs as a voltage indicator whereas, both of the facilities were absent in the old one.

In most aspects, you will find that the latest version is cool as well as aggressive in size, style, components, services, and everything in between. This is available in only a single variant and the bookings are currently open. So, just go to the showroom and grab your Honda Hornet 2.0 and Ride with Roar.

Honda’s New Scooter in 2020

Honda Grazia 125


Honda Grazia 125
Honda Grazia 125


Grazia is the name of an Italian woman’s magazine which is very popular around the world, including India.

Honda Grazia 125
Honda Grazia 125

On 24th June 2020, Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India Pvt. Ltd. (HMSI) has released one more successor to the Activa called Grazia 125 to its scooter family. Activa is still a favorite scooter for several Indian customers, due to its frequent upgrades in line with the current trends. This has undoubtedly placed a mark in the buyers’ minds. The Grazia has been designed on the BS6 platform which has very strict emission norms.

Honda changed its strategy by releasing a new scooter Grazia with an engine capacity of 125cc. This made them hold the top position in the market. Can Grazia be a replacement of Honda Activa or is just an another model in Honda’s scooter segment, will have to wait and see….

Honda Grazia 125
Honda Grazia 125

Coming to the design part, Grazia with its contemporary design can attract the customers for sure. It’s eye-catching and aerodynamic design can improve mileage efficiency.  The digital speedometer is very bright with large digits in the display. Apart from this, one more meter which indicates fuel consumption such as real-time mileage, average mileage, and distance to empty has been provisioned beneath the speedometer. The Grazia’s Headlamp has been designed with unique styling and it can drive away the nights giving a bright way to your ride. Its position lamps were designed with bright LED lights which can give a clear indication of your way.

The Grazia has been equipped with Idling Stop System also known as the ISS system to save fuel. This system can automatically shut down the engine during long stops such as traffic signals.  The design of the engine was developed using HET with Enhanced Smart Power Technology which can give more combustion with less friction to the fuel.  Along with HET, the engine also uses Honda’s unique ACG starter because of which the vehicle can start very quietly.  Along with both of them, it also uses PGM-FI technology, which is a sensor-based system for maximum air and fuel injection thus giving high mileage figures.

The Grazia comes with front disk brake system and telephonic suspension for maximum comfort and safety of your ride. For more details, one can visit nearest Honda two wheeler showroom or visit Honda two wheeler website.


Plasma The Golden Lifeline

Plasma The Golden Lifeline


      According to the ‘Wordweb Dictionary’, Plasma or Blood Plasma can be defined as The color-less watery fluid of the blood and lymph that contains no cells, but in which the blood cells (erythrocytes, leukocytes, and thrombocytes) are suspended.

     Plasma Therapy is an age-old process to cure critical diseases like the Spanish Flu in 1918. The therapy was widely used at that time during the pandemic and it has saved many lives. It was tested very often now and then to check the reliability of this treatment. For the treatment of COVID-19 infected patients, the doctors in India have insisted to test this therapy and they found the results were encouraging, where, antibodies from the cured person are winning against their enemy.

     The general phenomenon of this therapy is that the plasma the golden lifeline will be collected from the COVID warriors and loaded into the body of COVID ill patient. The plasma cells can release the powerful army of antibodies to fight against the COVID-19 virus and doctors are sure that antibodies can win the battle against the COVID-19 virus.

     The Indian doctors raised the necessity of Plasma Therapy and appealed to the government for testing this treatment in patients who have moderate to severe symptoms of COVID-19. Some hospitals have been volunteered for testing Plasma Therapy after getting permission from the Drug General Controller General of India and the results were encouraging. Since then, most of the state governments are now encouraging the COVID-19 warriors to donate Plasma the golden lifeline and asked them to help to cure the patients who have moderate to severe symptoms of COVID-19.

     Most of the private hospitals are also using Plasma Therapy for critically ill patients due to COVID-19. According to the sources, it has been observed that the recovery rate by using this therapy can be high and the doctors might be getting satisfactory results.

Hence it is requested to all the COVID-19 warriors who have defeated the virus to donate their plasma the golden lifeline and let the powerful army of antibodies win the war against the global pandemic COVID-19.

SOS Messages Online

Ministers visiting COVID Hospital in Warangal

Twitter which is very popular for microblogging, has become much more popular in recent days for COVID-19 emergency messages which can also be known as SOS Messages Online. Normally SOS which is meant for Save Our Soul or Save Our Ship is a call of distress in Morse code from the mariners when their life or the vessel was in danger. However, due to its importance, the SOS messages are being used in emergencies very often.

During the beginning of COVID-19 pandemic, before lockdown, it was very difficult to get access to government health and emergency services, as most of the people who are in needy, were not aware of the government norms or the procedures. Since that period, some of them have reached out to Twitter to message directly to their concerned, right from ministers to health, police, and administrative officials and send messages to them and the response from the ministers, health, police, and administrative was spontaneous.

The Telangana state ministers, health and police officials in particular, have responded to the SOS Messages Online, instantly and guided the respective officials to take the necessary action. The messages were not limited to health but were also requested for the interstate people movement due to emergencies, helping the stranded labor, getting the cab services for the needy people as well.

Twitter has helped in this pandemic situation, as most of the needy people have reached out to their respective officials for help through SOS Messages Online. In Twitter, usually, some of the politicians and officials might be having huge fan following and in general, the number of tweets for them will be more. Since there is no separate classification for emergency messages, there is a probability that some of these messages may miss out as well.

Hence it is requested to the Twitter that such kind of messages can be categorized under ‘ SOS Messages’ so that, the needy can be benefitted!

New Education Policy 2020

National Education Policy 2020

New Education Policy 2020 – The upgraded version of 10+2+3

     The day 29th July 2020 will be marked as a special day in the Indian Education System with the introduction of New Education Policy 2020. The policy has been approved by the Union Cabinet which is going to change the complete format of the present 10+2+3 education system. The draft was circulated to several scholars across India for review and the final amended version was submitted to the cabinet for approval. 

     The New Educational Policy will be based on the credit system at graduation level, where a student will have the option to transfer their credit score during their change, of course, college or university. The credits can also be used to finish their graduation after a certain time frame, even if they have stopped for a while due to unforeseen circumstances.

Foundation education will be introduced in government schools also. The pre-schooling structure which consists of Nursery, Lower Kinder Garden (LKG), and Upper Kinder Garden (UKG) was not available in the government-run schools, even though, most of the private schools are following this stream. With the implementation of New Education Policy 2020, foundation education will also be introduced in the government-run schools.

     The preferred language of learning will be of the local language as a preference with the option of choosing a national language and international language falling in second and third place. This will enable most of the students to learn the subjects in their mother tongue and can make them understand easily.

In the New Education Policy, the government may regulate the fees for the private institutions, thus private institutions are not permitted to collect more fees than the prescribed limit. This will help the students and their parents to get monetary benefits from private schools as well.

The migration to the New Education Policy may happen gradually by considering all the factors such as the impact on the academic year, infrastructure, feasibility and these factors may be observed during this transition period.

The document related to the New Education Policy 2020 can be downloaded from the following link: