New Education Policy 2020

New Education Policy 2020 – The upgraded version of 10+2+3

     The day 29th July 2020 will be marked as a special day in the Indian Education System with the introduction of New Education Policy 2020. The policy has been approved by the Union Cabinet which is going to change the complete format of the present 10+2+3 education system. The draft was circulated to several scholars across India for review and the final amended version was submitted to the cabinet for approval. 

     The New Educational Policy will be based on the credit system at graduation level, where a student will have the option to transfer their credit score during their change, of course, college or university. The credits can also be used to finish their graduation after a certain time frame, even if they have stopped for a while due to unforeseen circumstances.

Foundation education will be introduced in government schools also. The pre-schooling structure which consists of Nursery, Lower Kinder Garden (LKG), and Upper Kinder Garden (UKG) was not available in the government-run schools, even though, most of the private schools are following this stream. With the implementation of New Education Policy 2020, foundation education will also be introduced in the government-run schools.

     The preferred language of learning will be of the local language as a preference with the option of choosing a national language and international language falling in second and third place. This will enable most of the students to learn the subjects in their mother tongue and can make them understand easily.

In the New Education Policy, the government may regulate the fees for the private institutions, thus private institutions are not permitted to collect more fees than the prescribed limit. This will help the students and their parents to get monetary benefits from private schools as well.

The migration to the New Education Policy may happen gradually by considering all the factors such as the impact on the academic year, infrastructure, feasibility and these factors may be observed during this transition period.

The document related to the New Education Policy 2020 can be downloaded from the following link:


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