Neuralink : The new control command for human brain


Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk’s startup Neuralink has been working on creating a brain-computer interface (BCI) for four years. Their goal is to solve important brain and spine problems by implanting a device. Elon Musk suggested that installing this device would be affordable and it would make people flawless human robots who can control their brain.

Over time almost everyone has to face neurological disorders like memory loss, hearing loss, blindness, paralysis, depression, insomnia, extreme pain, seizures, anxiety, addiction, stroke, brain damage etc.

According to Neuralink, an implantable device can solve all of the neurological problems by working on brain signals without doing any harm to the brain. All of our senses like pain, hearing, feeling, sight etc are electrical signals sent by neurons to our brain. When the signals don’t work properly people suffer from different neurological disorders. Neuralink says that their device would correct the signals and bring back the normality of that person. Neuralink‘s actual device is on the verge of a milestone in medical technology. Currently, available tech which is already in the market does not always work, cannot read, or write high bandwidth information.

Neuralink-2Sometimes destroys about a sugar-cube of brain matter. But Elon Musk claims that his neuroscience theater, Neuralink’s silver-dollar-sized device is going to change the world. Besides curing neurological disorders, Neuralink would let people control any gadgets with their minds.

People can do rock-climbs without fear, see radar with an extra-ordinary vision; change their mood with the help of that device. The testing pig with the brain implant has 1,000 channels and every time it snuffles the device triggers a beeping noise. Musk’s goal is to increase this result by a factor of “100, then 1,000, then, 10,000” in order to read more specifically from the brain. Through an induction coil, this device can be charged wirelessly. Elon Musk believes that in the future people can remove the previous version of this device and install the latest version.

Neurosurgeon Matthew MacDougall who works with Neuralink thinks that in the long run someone’s full-body motion can be restored with that chip. People can live with their happy memories.   Musk says if we want to achieve some artificial intelligence symbiosis, we have to figure out the way so that we can coexist with advanced artificial intelligence. Neuralink is going to create a disease-free happy world where people can live their life in the desired way.