Covid Recovery Rate in India-Story of Hope

India OptimisticDue to the ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19) like other countries India is witnessing lots of unimaginable problems. In every state people of different ages started to suffer from coronavirus, many people died because of this, people were too frightened. Our government immediately took many effective steps to increase the recovery rate as well as balance the situation.

A nation-wide lockdown from the midnight of 24th March 2020 was announced by The Indian Prime Minister for lessening the coronavirus impact. For this, citizens controlled their unnecessary movements and only essential services of government and non-government were active. Though unlock 4.0 guidelines had been issued, India is still under lockdown. Nevertheless, India has one of the most coronavirus cases in the world. Fortunately, the best part is that the recovery rate is increasing regularly.

On 3rd September 2020, the number of new cases is 83,833 and the recovery rate is also impressive. Till now total coronavirus cases of India are 3,933,124 whereas, the total recovery number is 3,034,887 and the total death number is 68,659. The recovery rate is 77.16 %. The death rate is also surprisingly on a steady downward process. The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW) said in a statement that implementation of all the necessary steps, treating immediately and appropriately through a widening medical care infrastructure with the help of the states across the country, etc are the root causes for excellent improvement of the number of recoveries in India.

India OptimisticAccording to his statement, focusing on the proper use of non-invasive oxygen, improved ambulance services, and better-skilled doctors both in the hospitals as well as in ICUs have been confirming the desired results. Besides these steps, some biological and environmental factors are helping to stem the incidence and severity and increase the recovery rate.

Most of India has either tropical (type A) or dry climate (type B). As per reports, high relative humidity and temperature surprisingly reduce COVID-19 transmission and India becomes fortuitous! The protective cross-immunity development in our population against the coronavirus can play a vital role in increasing the recovery rate.

Whatever the reason lies behind the improvement of corona recovery cases, the fact is people of India are overcoming this coronavirus bit by bit. Now people are more careful about the transmission and they are trying to maintain personal hygiene and social distancing norms provided by the World Health Organization (WHO) as well as the Indian Government and trying to adjust the new normal life. In India, even though Covid cases are rising in most of the states, Indians are optimistic about the recovery rate.

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