Hypersonic: Happening Technology in the Indian Weapon Club

DRDOThe Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) of India have successfully tested a hypersonic technology demons-trator vehicle (HSTDV) on Monday. This great achievement gives the entry card to our India of the hypersonic missile club. India joins this club as a fourth member after USA, Russia and China.

Hypersonic missiles are one of the most advanced war technologies. Basically, hypersonic weapons combine the maneuvering capabilities of cruise missiles with the speed of ballistic missiles. Compared to traditional missiles, hypersonic missiles are hard to track. Hypersonic missiles can even move at around 5 times the speed of sound. Both the speed as well as the maneuverability of modern hypersonic missiles has made them this practical as both defensive and offensive weapons. In case of any weapon the most important fact is the payload. Here comes hypersonic weapons which can deliver nuclear or conventional payloads anywhere across the world within minutes.

At Abdul Kalam Island off the coast of Odisha DRDO successfully tested HSTDV. In this test DRDO used a scramjet propulsion system which is indigenously developed. This HSTDV succeeded to meet all the technical parameters. This hypersonic missile capable vehicle can travel at 6 times the speed of sound (Mach 6).

DRDO - Hypersonic MissileAccording to The Defense Research and Development Organization’s planning, India will be able to develop such missiles in 5 years. HSTDV will be used as a vehicle for long-range and hypersonic cruise missiles. Moreover, HSTDV will also have several civilian applications. This can be used to launch small satellites in an economical way. According to the Defense Minister Sri. Rajnath Singh, this success is going to pave the way for a self-dependent India. The United States had successfully tested an unarmed prototype of a hypersonic missile in March, 2020. As per reports, Russia and China are also pursuing hypersonic weapons vigorously.

According to Russian President Vladimir Putin, Russian Navy vessels are going to be armed with underwater nuclear drones and hypersonic nuclear strike weapons which are in the final stage of testing. Like these three countries India is going to develop many more hypersonic vehicles, technology and materials with this great technological breakthrough.

The Indian armed forces have the supersonic cruise missiles which were developed jointly with Russia. These missiles were powered by ramjets which can travel at Mach 2.8 speed (Mach is the ratio of speed of a body to speed of sound). The HSTDV test was powered by scramjet which is the improved version over the ramjet engine. This says our Indian defense is becoming strong gradually. Good luck mother India.

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