According to a study conducted in the U.S. involving around 5,000 patients, reported that the coronavirus is collecting genetic mutations that may make it extra infectious.


Corona Virus Status
Corona Virus Status

The first cases of coronavirus are noted in Wuhan city of Hubei province, China, in December 2019. Many speculated that the virus may have itsĀ origin from bats or pangolins or Wuhan wet market. Well, there is no particular evidence to prove the speculations. Coronavirus is announced as a pandemic by WHO on March 11, 2020.

Present Scenario

On a global scale, more than 4.64 crore persons were infected with the coronavirus with a total of 11.99 lakh deaths. Total cases of coronavirus in India are reported to be 82,67,623. Presently, India announced that there are 38,310 new covid-19 infections along with 490 fresh fatalities. There are 5.41 lakh active cases. Hopefully, in the last 24 hours, India saw reduce of 20,503 covid-19 cases. Also, in the last 24 hours, a total of 58,323 people are cured and discharged. As of now, the total cured cases of covid-19 are 76.03 lakh. Presently, in India, the cases per 1 million are one of the lowest in the world. Also, the number of cases per million on average in India is 5,930 cases.

Recovery in India

The total recovery rate of India is noted to be 91.68% means a person can recover in 11 days on average. The recovery rate for certain states and union territories are mentioned here. Delhi with 90.9%, Haryana with 91.3%, Bihar has 93.8%, Karnataka with 81.3%, and Maharashtra with 82.8%. The official Indian ministry said that 17 states and union territories maintain average cases rate below the national rate. Even though the cases are decreasing in India on average, but in some states such as Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, and West Bengal, the covid-19 infections are increasing quickly. A total of 74% of freshly reported cases came from only ten states and union territories.

This sustained accomplishment is the outcome of collective effort put by the States and Union territories in accordance with the central government. Some of the strategies that are used are extensive testing, time to time tracking, immediate hospitalization, and also abiding by the Standard Treatment Protocol. This protocol gives a standardised quality of medical care in private or public hospitals and also for house isolation or quarantine cases.

Covid-19 Vaccine

Covid-19 Vacciene
Covid-19 Vacciene

Some of the leading vaccine producing companies are mentioned below.

leading contenders are:

  • AstraZeneca vaccine by Oxford University

  • BNT162b2 by Pfizer and BioNTech

  • CanSino and Sinopharm from China

  • Gamaleya by Russia

  • Novavax and Moderna by the U.S.

  • Sinovac from Brazil


India saw a quick increase in covid-19 cases in June, July, and September. But the cases started to decrease in the last days of September. The virus cases are also decreasing in October and also there is a steep decline of fresh cases every day since November. So, many of us believed that covid-19 is being controlled in India. But, what we have to worry about is, Is India going to experience a second wave of coronavirus?. Presently, many European countries are at the edge of experiencing a second wave of coronavirus.

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