Digital Education in India: Bunch of Hopes

Online- Education

Online- EducationTo continue the learning process amidst coronavirus pandemic, digital education is a must. Like other countries our India is trying to adapt digital education by arranging a digital ecosystem. This digital ecosystem in our education system can give us our desired life!

We all know that there is teacher shortage in India. The advent of interactive digital education can solve the shortage of teachers in our country. Moreover, digital tools connect students with different types of perspectives which will help them to grow properly.  Digital tools will also help students in engaging themselves. Nevertheless, the educationists have to think about the proper implementation of these tools. In this way, digital education can be effective for all. The most important thing about digital education is that every student should have the access and flexibility to attend the classes. In India, the quality of education varies from school to school.

In English medium schools, the quality of education is quite good. But in most other schools the quality of education is questionable. If Indian government can ensure digital education all over the country, the discrimination of education quality can be reduced.  But India is facing inadequate internet service, slow internet speed, no standard policy, parenting issues, teacher training etc problems. Besides, all of the educational institutions remain closed for the increasing rate of coronavirus cases. In this situation, online education is kind of a bright light in the darkness. India is trying best to minimize the problems.

Online EducationNational Optical Fiber Network (NOFN) now known as Bharat Network is trying to connect all the panchayats. According to the government, every Gram Panchayat will get 100 Mbps bandwidth from Bharat Network. In this way, everyone, especially the rural Indian learners, will get access in online education.

Like Bharat Network, National Knowledge Network (NKN) provides a high speed network for educational institutions in our country. Only some institutions can take the full advantage of this network. That’s why NKN is becoming flexible and expanding rapidly. Though technological intervention cannot substitute human connections, teachers are trying their best to overcome this. Indian government is planning to arrange training for the teachers to make them technically sound and psychologically alright. These steps will help the students a lot.  Already students have become digitally literate as well as good learners. As education becomes smoother, students are enjoying the learning process. This digital education is paving our desired path and making us more hopeful.

Jio-Fiber: Reliance Revolutionizing India’s Broadband

Reliance Jio Fiber

Reliance Jio Fibre During this pandemic situation, the internet is helping people to survive! Through the internet, people can do everything from enrolling in different courses to order food and everything in between. Recently, we Indians are using the internet a lot. Infect, it has become our primary source of entertainment. To avoid poor connection as well as the low speed we go for internet broadband services. But the confusing part is that before using we cannot fix which broadband service we should use. Every telecom operator says that they are good at providing their service. But in most cases, we cannot match their words with their services.

Here comes Jio-Fiber from Reliance, India’s first try and buy broadband service. Jio-Fiber provides a one-month free trial. If people do not feel satisfied with the services of Jio-Fiber they can disconnect it after the free trial of 4k Set Top Box. If people want they can change their life with Jio-Fiber’s new plans. This telecom operator provides lots of affordable facilities to Its customers. With Jio-Fiber people can experience unlimited internet on their set-top box with symmetric speed. That means to upload and download speed will be the same.  Active users can upgrade their plans with the new plans.

Reliance Jio FibreNew Jio-Fiber plans are starting from rupees 399 per month. In this plan, customers will get unlimited internet at 30 Mbps whereas, in rupees, 699 per month customers will get internet service at 100 Mbps. The best part is that without any extra cost, with rupees 1500 per month people will get access to 12 paid OTT apps including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and many more. People can watch their favorite shows, tv channels, movies, devotional content, play games, watch YouTube videos, and everything with new Jio-plans in seconds. People can even do voice search enabled with Jio Remote. Jio also provides an EMI facility. This is the best plan in the telecom industry of India.

Economically providing better internet service is part of Jio’s new plans. In this techno-based era, Indian people can get the chance to afford a broadband connection which was not reachable to lower middle class and the middle class people earlier. New Jio plans can be light on the subscriber’s pocket but also can bring lots of entertainment to the whole family. The Jio-Fiber is also offering unlimited calls apart from unlimited data. Through the partnership with Jio-Fiber subscribers can improve their lifestyle awesomely. The Reliance Jio-Fiber is definitely revolutionizing India’s Broadband where citizens’ of all classes of economy can get benefited.